Chaos Dimension

by Kirche Gothika

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released December 16, 2013



all rights reserved


Kirche Gothika Parma, Ohio

Industrial Metal act that incorporates elements of Death Metal and Aggrotech. Dark, atmospheric synths mixed with heavy distorted guitars and hard, stomping beats combined with hellish guttural vox with biblically inspired lyrics brings something different to the altar. ... more

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Track Name: My Home
I am
Your king
I create

In this world of make believe and fantasy
The mindless follow without questioning
Hiding from the rain they feel safe and sound
While the forces above are strengthening

Welcome to my humble home
Please stay awhile with me
I'll show you the beauty in everything
Chaos is our desinty

Welcome to my humble home
You will never leave me
I'll show you the darkness in everything
Chaos is our desinity

Corruption, deception, democracy
Madness and sorrow and misery
Socialist pigs and anarchist freaks
Pityful lives they can not see


Darkening skies we close our eyes
Crimes of government, we turn our heads
Faith and thoughts are felony
Our future is now as good as dead

Track Name: War

In this world of godlessness
Ruled by sin we are oppressed
Our lust for death we can not feed
In this land filled with heresy
Causing chaos in other lands
While watching it on our TV stands
Our hunger for power knows no bounds
We feed our dignity to the hounds

Kill - Destroy - Kill - Destroy

War of gods
War of money
War for the land of
Rape and honey
War for oil
War for greed
War as in the

War of thoughts
War of skin
War to be fought
By next of kin
War by land
War by sea
War is the life
For you and me


Tragedy is in our lives
We are blinded to it in our eyes
Living our lives in ignorance
And our country dwells in arrogance
Blissfully watching as we die
Suffering under a blackened sky
No way out of this pit of death
We suffer slowly til our final breath

Kill - Destroy - Kill - Destroy

Track Name: Fallen to Sickness
"I am the one who dwells in flame and fire
I take you under and feed you your desires
Fate fullfilled, I will bring you in
Reach to me and drown in your sin"

This world is dying, there's no turning back
Our children enslaved for morals they lack
Hate, greed, and lust, our message fails
In life, death, and other morbid tales

Our world has fallen to sickness
Salvation is closing its gates
We're slowly fading to darkness
We have fallen to sickness

Inner demons have taken control
There's no hope to save our souls
One by one we fade away
Unheard words to God we pray

Burning fire is destiny
Eternal darkness surrounding me
There's no time to say goodbye
For it is now time to die

Track Name: Dying World
In the eve of our destruction
Of what man has brought onto himself
We dig deeper into our graves
Believing that we are not enslaved

Watching our daily news
Our lust for death grows stronger
Blissful lives in turmoil
While we rot in this dying world

The pleasures of sin will haunt us
No rest for the living or deceased
On the shores of hell, absent of Light, our Lord
No ticket home, no fat reward

We're knee deep in the dead
Too content with our lives
Through darkness we are hurled
Waiting for death in our dying world
Track Name: State of Mind
Wasted dreams, the soul at stake
Killing the mind, depreciate
False hopes and lies, the truth all dies
Unseen, untold, dead eyes unfold

Sufferring, pain, and madness
Anger and sorrow and sadness
Yet we seek, our hearts too weak
Our death, our hell, in tears we dwell

Suffer, sorrow, binded, tortured

We seek what kills us all
Leading the blind to their downfall
Eating our souls, our minds, our lives
God help us all

This is not happiness
There is no cure for this illness
Draining our hope, our love, our will
God, will you save us?

Our search for heaven, lies
Shatterred dreams, our angels cry
Damning our selfs, our peace, our names
God, open our eyes

This leading cause of death
All of it, lies, 'till the dying breath
It is all fear, all cold, all pain
God, hear our cries

Wasted dreams, the soul at stake
Killing the mind, depreciate
False hopes and lies, the truth all dies
Unseen, untold, dead eyes unfold

Selling our souls, just hope for bliss
Demons laugh, the Devil's abyss
We crave our doom, the end abloom
Insane, deranged, our faith unchanged


Track Name: Technolution


Resolution, evolution, attribution, Technolution
Population revolution, air pollution, Technolution
Resolution, institution, devolution, Technolution
Mass confusion, prosectuion, execution, Technolution

Diminution, mind dilution, substitution, Technolution
Constitution dissolution, distribution, Technolution
Prostitution retribution, elocution, Technolution
Mass extinction, our solution, God illusion, Technolution
Track Name: Distorted Contortion
We are the sinners
Believers of lies
Voracious sheep
Mindless eyes
We hunger, we crave
Absense of light
Facing the grave
Lack of sight

Parting of reason
Meagerness of just
Act of treason
Blindness, a must
Crying in pain
Lying in wait
Truth is slain
Birthing of hate

Distorted contortion
Convoluted dissuasion
Mutilated persuasion
Perveted detestation

Distorted contortion!

We are the sinners
Believers of lies
Voracious sheep
Mindless eyes
Living unjust
Dying in scorn
Bleeding in rust
Death unborn

Love fragmented
Fall to pieces
Bitterness augmented
Hell unleashes
Hiding your scum
Facile to succumb

Track Name: Abomination
Selling your soul for some sweet little lies (obey!)
Aborted children with silent cries (obey!)
Tying the wise man at the end of the chain (obey!)
Forfeting freedom with nothing to gain (obey!)

Give up - Forget - Give in - Align
Refuse - Resist - Stand up - Arise

Welcome to the abomination (obey me)
Welcome to the eternal damnation (obey me)

Implantations, united nation (obey!)
Infracting God, a gutter religion (obey!)
Turning our backs on one another (obey!)
Numbing minds controlled by Big Brother (obey!)

Give up - Forget - Give in - Align
Refuse - Resist - Stand up - Arise

Welcome to the abomination (obey me)
Welcome to the eternal damnation (obey me)
Track Name: Judgement
We live our lives in confidence
As if it will never end
Living in riches and elegance
In our minds, we pretend

The path of destruction we travel
Through actions without thought
A deadly fate we unravel
For pleasures that we have sought

Prepare, prepare
Prepare for the Judgement

Nothing goes unseen
All flesh is deemed guilty
Our blood will not be clean
Such is society

We can not buy salvation
Nothing saves, no sacrament
Only One can save from damnation
And He will have his Final Judgement

Prepare, prepare
Prepare for the Judgement